Sep 28, 2015


Mortons-17521 B060Morton’s The Steakhouse


With bourbon’s continued popularity, this cousin of the Negroni is the perfect drink for the new consumer. This cocktail is seeing a great resurgence in popularity because of its “cool” factor and flavor profiles of the true classic cocktail: bitter (Campari), sweet (vermouth) and savory (bourbon). It will drink a little smoother than a Negroni because it does not have all of the herbal elements of the gin. In the end, the Boulevardier is popular and often requested, so we owe it to our guests to make a great one.

1 oz    Templeton Rye
1 oz    Campari
1 oz    Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth

In a mixing glass, stir ingredients with ice; then strain over an ice-filled rocks glass or serve straight up in a cocktail martini glass. Garnish with an orange peel (twisted onto the drink to release the citrus oils).