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in the Mix, Journals: Vol. 1

First in a series of publications that discuss current affairs for the hospitality business. In this issue we feature; How to Weather an Industry-Wide Crisis: Keep Calm and Stick Together. An essay by Heather Dratler, VP of Marketing and Brand Integrity, SAGE Restaurant group.

Distilleries are Making Hand Sanitizer

(CNN) Hand sanitizer is a hot commodity right now. We all know the advice: Wash your hands often with soap and water to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. When you can’t, use hand sanitizer. But actually finding hand sanitizer anywhere is another story. Bottles of Purell and other sanitizers are few and far between […]

Sip Trips

Imbibe internationally without leaving your bar stool with these nine cocktails closely associated with cities and countries around the globe – By Kelly Magyarics