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Take 5: Allison Kafalas of Hilton

Allison Kafalas talks cocktail trends and strategy for beverage marketing
The Boulevardier

The Adventures of George

The Boulevardier by Tony Abou-Ganim

Seasonal Winter Cocktails from Monin

Monin is constantly creating new, trendy and classic recipes for you to add to your drink lists. For autumn, they offer these aesthetically pleasing and flavorsome cocktails.
The bacardi Ginger Snap Cocktail

18 Winter Cocktails for the New Year

May your New Year’s Eve be well attended and your 2018 be profitable! Cheers!
monin cocktail recipes
Heaven Hill Cognac Finish 124 Proof

Bacon and Bourbon

Like Bourbon, bacon has yet to reach the zenith of its popularity, and for good reason. Few cuts of any meat are so versatile to be eaten solo or added to any sandwich, soup, casserole, fish, fowl … you name it, bacon benefits the whole.
10 Fantastic Beverage Flavor Finds

10 Fantastic Beverage Flavor Finds

The Latest Ingredients Bartenders Are Using To Make a Beverage Pop Courtesy of Flavor & The Menu | by Robin Schempp In recent years, top bartenders have become so proficient and ambitious that they spend hours not just in crafting…

The Renaissance of Bourbon, America’s Native Spirit

June 22, 2016   |   By By Edward M. Korry, CHE CSS CWE, Department Chairman at Johnson & Wales University, and President of the Society of Wine Educators We are undergoing a Bourbon renaissance, the likes of which we…

The Julep

March 28, 2016 What was once a concoction of sugary syrup and bitter medicine, much like most cordials and elixirs from the early 1700s, the Julep has now earned its place as one of the Bourbon classics. Though it is said to…

Berry Smash

American Airlines Admirals Club Berry Smash 1 ¼ oz     Templeton Rye 1 oz          Disaronno 1 ¼ oz     Finest Call Premium Lemon Sour ¾ oz        Cranberry juice ½ oz        Blueberry Re`al Syrup 3  …

Blackberry Bourbon Smash

Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe, N.M. Blackberry Bourbon Smash Created by Nicholas Tyson. A sweet, refreshing, bourbon treat full of berry and a hint of tart acidity. 3              Muddled blackberries 1…

Yester Year

House of Blues Yester Year “There’s a great John Coltrane line about autumn: ‘Thru the trees comes autumn with her serenade. Melodies the sweetest music ever played.’ Riffing off that thought, our team worked to use ingredients and…


Morton’s The Steakhouse Boulevardier With bourbon’s continued popularity, this cousin of the Negroni is the perfect drink for the new consumer. This cocktail is seeing a great resurgence in popularity because of its “cool” factor…

The Governor

InterContinental Hotel Buckhead Atlanta, Ga., The Bourbon Bar The Governor 2 oz             Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon ½ oz           Turbinado syrup (brown sugar syrup) 3 dashes    Black walnut bitters 3…

The Bourbon Beehive

Gaylord Palms MOOR Restaurant, Orlando, Fla. The Bourbon Beehive “Currently we’re seeing the cocktail world mirror the greater culinary trends of the locavore movement. That alone is something that I wanted to incorporate when making…