Aug 05, 2016

United States Bartenders’ Guild Announces 2016 Lifetime Members


Largest Network of Hospitality Professionals Honors Industry Leaders

HENDERSON, NV (July 27, 2016) — The United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG), the country’s only national non-profit network of bartenders and hospitality professionals, announced its two newest Lifetime Members: master mixologist and educator Bridget Albert and senior whisky master Steven Beal. The news debuted at last weekend’s Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards in New Orleans.

The USBG’s Lifetime Membership Program honors members with over ten years of membership in the Guild who have elevated the bartending and hospitality industry throughout their careers.

Past inductees include Dale DeGroff, Tony Abou-Ganim and Francesco Lafranconi.

Bridget Albert Headshot

Bridget Albert was the Founding President of the USBG’s Chicago chapter and was the organization’s National Secretary from 2010 to 2012, a time that saw the largest growth in chapters. She is also the Founding President of the USBG National Charity Foundation, which advances the lifelong stability and wellbeing of service industry professionals through education and charitable activities. The Foundation administers the Helen David Relief Fund and the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program.

“I want to thank the USBG Board of Directors and everyone I’ve ever worked with in the community for this great honor,” said Albert. “I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished here in the Chicago chapter and across the country.”

USBG-steve_bealSteven Beal has long been a galvanizing force in the USBG’s San Francisco chapter and is a master educator of whisky. Beal was instrumental in the development and delivery of the USBG Master Accreditation Program.

“Belonging to the USBG has introduced me to some of the most creative, energetic, thoughtful, service-oriented people in the industry,” said Beal. “It’s opened an enormous number of doors and made so much possible in my career.”

Bridget and Steve join an illustrious group of hospitality professionals in the USBG Lifetime Membership Program.

Tony Abou-Ganim (Las Vegas)
Dale DeGroff (New York)
Francesco Lafranconi (Las Vegas)
John Burton (Founding Chapter)
Fred Ireton (Founding Chapter)
Brian Rea (Founding Chapter)
Cesar Sandoval (Founding Chapter)
Vincent Cisneros (Founding Chapter)
Kelly Lightner (Founding Chapter)
Jose Ruiseco (Founding Chapter)
Fructuso Prado (Founding Chapter)
William Cresswell (Founding Chapter)
Jose F. Ancona (Founding Chapter)
Livio Lauro (Las Vegas)
Bobby G. Gleason (Las Vegas)
Noreen Wood (Honorary Member)
Naomi Filburn (Founding Chapter)
Paul Posillico (Las Vegas)

About the USBG

The United States Bartenders’ Guild is the only national non-profit network dedicated to supporting and strengthening the professional development of hospitality professionals throughout the country. With representation in more than 70 cities and more than 6,500 current members, the USBG develops innovative opportunities for bartenders to accelerate their professional pursuits.

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Mara Flynn, USBG
Director of Marketing & Communications