Jul 16, 2016

Crescent City Cocktail Academy

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The “cocktail industry’s” premiere conference is taking place this week, July 19-24, in New Orleans. Over 200 seminars, tastings and networking events have been planned. If you are visiting NOLA during this time and are looking for an interactive and hands-on demonstration, consider escaping the heat at the Crescent City Cocktail Academy. This event will be held at Morton’s The Steakhouse on Wednesday, July 20th, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Mixologists Paul Sanguinetti, Caterina Mitenberger, and Rebecca Dowda will be on hand teaching you how to shake, stir, and strain up to six cocktails that have been paired with the perfect bites.

You will be working with a strong lineup of spirits like Angel’s Envy Bourbon WhiskeyBACARDI Ocho RumCaptain Morgan Spiced RumOxley London Dry GinBulleit Bourbon, and Ron Zacapa Rum. In addition, you’ll be using Liber & Co. syrups which were featured on the CNBC hit show Billion Dollar Buyer.

For reservations and more information, please click here.

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