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Wine Country Trips to Take in the Fall

The perfect fall wine‑tasting destinations
Atlas Peak Survives Napa Fire

Napa’s Famed Atlas Peak Mountain Prospers After the Fires

Napa is well known around the world for its exceptional wines, and the appellation that surpasses all others is Napa’s famed Atlas Peak mountain region - Napa’s hottest wine region, so to speak.

St. Helena – Napa Valley’s Holy Grail

December 19, 2016 Introduction by Barry Wiss  |  Article by Igor Sill Barry Wiss is recognized as one of the most influential wine personalities of Napa Valley. He is a Certified Wine Educator, Certified Sommelier, holds the…

Warren Winiarski – Forty Years after the Judgement of Paris

March 28, 2016   |   By Paul Wagner Fourty Years after the Judgement of Paris It is called “The Shot Heard Round the World,” but none of the three key individuals who helped create it had any idea that it would change…

California wildfires threaten to make local wine ‘unpalatable’

Multibillion-dollar industry at risk as state grapples with tens of thousands of acres of fire whose smoke could 'infuse' grape skin Source: The Guardian Joseph Mayton in Napa, California 5 August 2015 There are fears in California's…

Take 5: Interview with Elizabeth Vianna

“Being a winemaker is a blend of art and science. It is mainly science, but the artistic dimension is so fun — it’s instinct, using your palate much in the way that you use your imagination.”  — Winemaker Elizabeth Vianna Elizabeth…