IMI Agency Launches IMI Manage BEVCALC™

Mix Profitable Cocktails in Your Beverage Programs

Provide Your Team With The Tools To Drive Profitability

By Mallory Ambrose | January 05, 2024

IMI Agency, a recognized leader in Beverage Marketing, operations, and systems management across all channels in the on-premise Chain Hospitality industry, has launched an innovative online tool to help evaluate and drive drink profits for bar and restaurant operations: IMI Manage BEVCALC™

A recent addition to the IMI Manage Suite™ of Services, IMI Manage BEVCALC™ is an online calculator tool that streamlines the management of ingredients cost, drink pricing, and profits. The Beverage Calculator analyzes recipe cost and pour cost percentage to provide a suggested menu price for cocktails and mixed drinks.


This program supports restaurants, bars, and hotels by providing a mobile-friendly responsive website where users can access all beverage recipe information, recipe cards and cocktail cost list summaries. Operators can use the dashboard to navigate, search and filter multiple recipe types through a single platform segmented by House Made, Cocktail, and Batch recipes.

IMI Manage BEVCALC™ features user permission settings at both a corporate and local level, provides corporate reporting to view all recipes entered by location, and offers a customizable FAQ section to assist employees in pricing cocktails with corporate direction.


Easy to Use
  • Enter Ingredients
  • Enter Garnishes
  • Enter Recipe Instructions
  • Enter Net Bottle Cost on Wine and Beer
  • Quick filters make searching easy
  • Filter recipes for promotional cocktails
  • Automatically calculates Suggested Cocktail Cost
  • Printable Pages
Calculation Functions Available
  • Cocktail Recipes
  • House Made Recipes
  • Batch Recipes
  • Wine BTG/BTB and Beer DR/BTL

Hospitality technology and big data, when leveraged effectively, can mean the difference between staying ahead of cost implications and constantly playing catch up. Pioneers in developing creativity-meets-technology solutions that drive sales, margins and operational superiority, IMI Agency believes innovation must save time, provide better results, and cost less than the alternative. From custom menu management, online promotion tracking + gamification and data analysis to state hospitality laws and interactive training initiatives, IMI offers a plethora of systems through its IMI Manage Suite™ to help automate backend processes for bar and restaurant operations.

Soon to come…a BEVCALC™ tool for Draft & Package Beer and Draft, BTB and BTG Wine.

For more information about the IMI Manage BEVCALC™ tool, visit IMI Manage Suite™.

About IMI Agency

IMI Agency (Incentive Marketing, Inc.) is the largest fiduciary beverage marketing agency in the on-premise Chain Hospitality channel. We specialize in Building Better Beverage Business™ for our clients through cutting-edge marketing programs and promotions, interactive food & beverage merchandising and operations tools, staff training, and recognition/reward programs. We operate across all channels in the Chain Hospitality industry. IMI programs create brand value and opportunities with consumers while driving food and beverage sales and profits for our Hospitality Operator clients. For over 30 years, we have maintained a singular focus: to manage in the best interests of our clients. We exist as an extension, a partner—there to simplify the complex, to be transparent, and to offer a unique perspective that goes beyond the bottom line. Visit IMI Agency here.