B4 Summit Breakout Session Unveils Strategies for Building Better Beverage Professionals

By Mallory Ambrose | December 07, 2023

In a dynamic breakout session at IMI Agency’s recent B4 Summit, professionals from the beverage industry converged to explore innovative approaches to elevate their careers. The session, titled “Building Better Beverage Professionals: Future-proofing Your Career,” provided a platform for industry leaders to share insights, best practices, and strategies aimed at nurturing talent and driving excellence in the professional work setting.

Comprised of three separate stations, the session included thought-provoking insights shared by Evan Traub, Senior Account Manager, IMI Agency. Evan highlighted the best LinkedIn practices to maximize your profile’s impact. Following his round-table discussion, participants were given the opportunity to have their professional headshots taken by a photographer.

One key theme that resonated throughout the session was the importance of learning one’s personal strengths and weaknesses within their professional role and how they can leverage them to their advantage.

During this session participants completed Trend Hunter’s Innovation Assessment that once completed, provided participants with a 100% confidential in-depth profile that revealed their personal innovation archetype, strengths and opportunities, creative blind spots, strategies to optimize interactions, and a comparison of their skillset to the world’s top innovators.

Mark Onufer, Director of Sales & Futurist Speaker, Trend Hunter, was able to break down the details of each participant’s results providing them with a deeper understanding of their creative brain and innovation archetype.

The “Building Better Beverage Professionals: Future-proofing Your Career” breakout session offered a comprehensive exploration of the strategies and considerations necessary to foster excellence in the industry. Attendees left with a heightened awareness of the evolving landscape, equipped with practical insights and a renewed commitment to driving positive change in their own careers. As the beverage industry continues to evolve, the emphasis on education, diversity, technology, and sustainability will undoubtedly shape the future of professionals within the beverage industry.