Take 5: Bradley Moore of Aimbridge Hospitality

An in the Mix Feature Interview

Bradley Moore

Vice President,

Food & Beverage

Operating a global portfolio of over 1,500 properties across six operating divisions, Aimbridge Hospitality is the largest third-party hotel management company in the world.

With over 40 years of industry experience, Vice President of Food and Beverage for Aimbridge Hospitality, Bradley Moore leads the development of award-winning beverage programs and concepts.

in the Mix: Thank you for joining us again, Bradley. We last spoke in 2021 about Aimbridge Hospitality’s 2019 merger with Interstate Hotels & Resorts and the myriad of one-year beverage program launches that took place across all divisions. How has your role changed since that time?

Bradley Moore: It’s good to be talking to you again. It’s been great re-opening outlets, bringing back associates, welcoming our guests and getting back to business. My role hasn’t really changed from day to day; I and my colleagues are deployed by operating division. While our focus is very similar, each comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. We’ve extended the existing beverage program for an additional year, primarily to deplete existing inventories.

itM: What are some challenges and achievements that you experienced with the merger’s combined portfolio growth and the addition of six new operational divisions in your role?

BM: We are proud of our expanded F&B team; we now have eight associates based in the U.S. and it’s been an honor to see how the team has come together in the past three years.

itM: Last month, Interstate Hotels & Resorts launched a new corporate identity, debuting as the international division of Aimbridge Hospitality, ‘Ambridge EMEA’ division. This division is said to set the foundations for growth beyond the UK and Europe. Describe the opportunities this brings to the beverage programs.

BM: Beverage programs are so very different in Europe as well as Mexico and the Caribbean. We work with our colleagues in our Aimbridge EMEA and Aimbridge LatAm divisions to leverage scale and pricing where legally allowed, but it’s very different in these markets.

itM: What goes into creating a successful beverage program that maximizes beverage offerings, activations, and sales?

BM: Two-year beverage programs are optimal for us. Creating a program is a mix of art and science, from analyzing depletions and future trends to looking into the “crystal ball” of what will be relevant in two years. We also conduct a lot of tastings and RFP meetings, and of course, write the program and launch it.

itM: Aimbridge Hospitality is driven by several advantages that include scale, top talent, industry relationships, resources-rich support, and best-in-class tools. How do these areas of expertise influence, or impact, your beverage programs?

BM: These factors all positively influence the program. The ultimate goal is to increase sales and increase sales with menu support, while also impacting guest satisfaction. The program challenges our talent while supporting them with the training tools to better sell and service. And all of this is at little-to-no cost to our owners.

itM: Describe the impact that the beverage partners have in supporting and building a beverage program?

BM: First and foremost is the strong partnership. We are truly in business together, sharing trend data, priorities and understanding the nuances across our Divisions and verticals.

itM: How has IMI Agency helped Build a Better Beverage Business™ for Aimbridge Hospitality’s beverage programming?

BM: We have a team of three that do a lot of the heavy lifting, including everything mentioned above.

itM: Following a year full of expansive growth for Aimbridge, what can hotels and supplier partners expect in 2023?

BM: Look for another award-winning beverage program in 2023 that will resonate with our guests and patrons and continue to increase beverage sales.