Fintech and IMI Working Together To Provide Beverage Alcohol Management Solutions

TAMPA, FL – Financial Information Technologies, LLC (“Fintech”), the leading B2B solutions provider for the beverage alcohol industry, in collaboration with IMI, an agency dedicated to helping hospitality clients with marketing programs and promotions, merchandising, and operational tools, offer a solution providing automated beverage program management to the hospitality industry.

This program supports restaurants, bars, and hotels by monitoring established approved product list compliance across all locations nationwide. Businesses can use the automated dashboard to review the purchases of approved products at each location, their spending with each alcohol supplier, and track lapses in product case equivalents for the beverage program brand selections.

Fintech’s beverage program management tool also provides on-premise retailers with actionable purchase data insights that help maximize their buying strategy based on the products that have the highest consumer demand.

“Partnering with industry leaders like IMI helps us further our mission of continually improving our customers’ operations and bottom line. In just a few short months of this program, we already have had thousands of sites improve their alcohol spend, manage their rebates, and improve their menu consistency across their respective chains. We look forward to continuing to develop innovations with IMI in the future,” said Tad Phelps, Fintech CEO.

“Fintech’s innovative InfoSource platform has brought beverage excellence to the forefront with our mutual clients” says Larry McGinn, President of IMI. “IMI and our clients now enjoy line-of-sight to actionable data on product purchasing, program adoption, national average acquisition costs and purchasing lifts on promotional activations. Our collaboration with the Fintech Team is outstanding.”

Hospitality managers can learn more about Fintech and IMI’s intuitive beverage program management here.

About IMI – IMI Agency (Incentive Marketing, Inc.) is the largest fiduciary beverage marketing agency in the on-premise Chain Hospitality channel. We specialize in Building Better Beverage Business™ for our clients through cutting-edge marketing programs and promotions, interactive food & beverage merchandising and operations tools, staff training and recognition/reward programs. We operate across all channels in the Chain Hospitality industry. IMI programs create brand value and opportunities with consumers while driving food and beverage sales and profits for our Hospitality Operator clients. For over 30 years, we have maintained a singular focus: to manage in the best interests of our clients. We exist as an extension, a partner—there to simplify the complex, to be transparent, to offer a unique perspective that goes beyond the bottom line.

About Fintech – Supporting over 200,000 distributors, suppliers, and retailers nationwide, Fintech gives operators and accounting teams the tools they need to sell more alcohol, protect margins, and reconcile timely and accurately. Processing over $42B in alcohol purchases annually, Fintech automates invoice payment and collection allowing clients to manage invoices, credits, and bank activity online. Users can access actionable alcohol purchase data and eliminate manual invoice data entry with an integration or data file. With over 30 years of experience, dependability, and trust, you can count on Fintech to support your alcohol business growth and stability. To learn more, visit our website.