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Summer Inspiration from Angela Thompson

Director of Beverage Innovation
monin Strawberry Aperol Spritz

Seasonal Spring Cocktails from Monin

Monin is constantly creating new, trendy and classic recipes


This recipe was originally featured in “The Modern Mixologist: The Negroni Quest" in in the Mix‘s Winter 2009 edition. Ingredients 1 oz.     Gin (The choice of which should suit one’s personal fancy) 1 oz.     Campari 1…

Cucumber Collins

For over 25 years, Joey Scorza has been creating impromptu, on-the-spot creations for customers who are undecided about what to have. Ingredients 1 1/2 oz.           Hendricks Gin 1 thick slice     Cucumber (cut in quarters) 1/2…

I’m Into Ginger

A Crystal Head Vodka creation. Ingredients 1 ½ oz.    Crystal Head Vodka ½ oz.       Premium orange liqueur 2 oz.         Cranberry juice 2 oz.         Ginger beer Preparation Add Crystal Head Vodka,…

Straights Sling by MONIN

Ingredients 1 oz.              MONIN Tiki Blend 2 dashes      Bitters 1 oz.              Dry gin 1/2 oz.          Orange liqueur 2 oz.              Pineapple juice 1/2 oz.         …

Stoli Moscow Mule

The insanely popular drink using the original Stoli recipe. Ingredients 2 parts       Stoli Vodka 1/2 part     Fresh Lime Juice 3 parts       Stoli Ginger Beer  

Century Club Punch

Century Club Punch was based on a recipe from the legendary "Professor" Jerry Thomas and is as good now as it was in 1862. Ingredients 1 3/5 parts      BACARDÍ Gold rum 4/5 parts        BACARDÍ Superior rum 1 part              …

BACARDÍ Mango Mojito

Sip this refreshing cocktail and enjoy the vibrant flavors of mint, lime and juicy mango. Ingredients 2 oz.      BACARDÍ Mango Fusion Flavored Rum 4            Lime wedges 12          Fresh mint leaves 2           …