Cold Weather Cocktails

As the weather turns from the heat of summer to a chilly fall and the cold snap of winter, cocktail menus follow their own evolution from light, bright citrus and fresh “green” flavors to the darker, earthier and warmer flavors found on…

VIDEO: Old Fashioned at Pendennis Club with Tony Abou-Ganin

Tony Abou-Ganim, along with Tom Fischer at the Pendennis Club in Kentucky researching the “Old Fashioned” cocktail, its history and the proper way to make them! Also check out Tom’s website at for more fun things on bo…

Rye Not?

  Is Straight Rye Whiskey Prepared To Be The Next Darling Of The Whiskey World? Once a favorite of the “Greatest Generation,” straight Rye Whiskey had all but faded into obscurity with only a few old dusty bottles lingering around…

Chamomile Old Fashioned

with Russell's Reserve® 6 Year Old Rye

Southern Buck

with Wild Turkey® Rare Breed
Cherry Fix By Naren Young

Cherry Fix

with Wild Turkey® Kentucky Spirit
Boulevardier Swizzle By Naren Young

Boulevardier Swizzle

with Wild Turkey® 101 Bourbon