in the Mix.

Previously, in the Mix served as a national magazine focusing on the on-premise
national account segment of the market. Now, in the Mix is a digital panorama of
all things IMI and all things beverage and hospitality.

in the Mix boasts a digital subscriber distribution of over 13,000 including key
decision-makers and analysts like Corporate Buyers, Hotel GMs, Restaurant
Managers, Executive Chefs, Food and Beverage Managers, Catering Managers,
and more. in the Mix’s parent company, IMI Agency, is home to major restaurant
and hotel chains, sporting venues, convention centers, concession companies,
management companies and other independent entities across the United States.

in the Mix from IMI is committed to Building Better Beverage Business™, which
means bringing you up to date with the latest trends, developments, news and
more. Visit us on our social media as we share even more content and bring you
the latest in what’s happening.

Key decision-makers receive our newsletters and visit our site regularly for
informative and substantive industry stories through commentary by expert
columnists, feature focus articles, product information and tastings, new product
introduction, and by covering topics such as mixology, training and education, and
food and beverage pairings.

This website hosts an archive with past in the Mix magazines that showcase our
great storytelling and the informational value we’ve contributed to the industry
over the course of the magazine’s print years. We will continue contributing to our
partnerships in the hospitality and beverage sectors.