Unleashing Fun and Engagement: Dave & Buster’s and Main Event Host Scavenger Hunt in the Most Magical Place on Earth

By Cody Henson | May 23, 2024

As any good party host knows, a key indicator for success of any event is that it is enjoyable, yes, but just as important is that it feels seamless to those in attendance. Is the host relaxed and participating in the fun or are they sweaty, running around putting out fires…metaphorically, I hope. Earlier this year, IMI Client Dave & Buster’s, called on IMI Events with a request to organize just such an activity for their beverage team and attending supplier partners during their annual Operations Leadership Conference. The result was a scavenger hunt in the most magical of places.

Together with Katie Livezey-Buckholt, Sr. Manager Beverage over Dave & Buster’s and Main Event, IMI Events coordinated group transportation to Epcot, simultaneous entrance to the park, and set multiple teams loose on a thrilling quest to collect photos of their group completing a curated, Disney-themed task list. Unlike traditional conference activities that may feel passive, the scavenger hunt required attendees to actively participate, think on their feet, and collaborate with their team members.

Team 4 poses with the Minnie and Mickey Topiary

Find the Purple Character

Take a Picture with Someone Celebrating a Birthday

Moreover, IMI’s Technology and Innovation team collaborated to implement a web-based platform for conducting the scavenger hunt. The platform held the task list for each team, tracked scores, and allowed communication within and between each team. Utilizing this platform allowed some teams to split up across the park to efficiently complete the tasks. While the activity did bring about some friendly competition, the joy was the resulting collection of photos that showcased the excitement.

Get a Picture with a Dolphin

Get a drink from supplier’s brand in your group

Take a selfie with a character

In conclusion, there are many approaches to enhance engagement, foster teamwork, and infuse a sense of fun and adventure into your event. The team behind IMI Events is adept at collaborating, organizing, and strategizing to ensure the client’s happening is less stress and all success. Reach out for your next event or idea and let the team make magic happen!

Group Kanpai in Japan

Group picture under the Torii Gate in Japan

Enlist IMI Events team to assist with your next adventure! For more information, contact Jeanette@IMIagency.com!

Cody is a 14-year hospitality industry veteran that has been Building Better Beverage Business™ with Emerging Accounts at PayBev™ since 2020. Prior to joining the PayBev™ team, Cody was managing beverage programs in nationally awarded restaurants and boutique hotels. As Senior Manager of Emerging Programs, Cody leads a team that supports PayBev’s emerging chain clients in strategically structuring their beverage program to scale with their growth, drive topline sales and build strong partnerships. He found his passion for hospitality while studying marine science, which set him up to love a good spreadsheet, develop his methodical approaches to problems and get nerdy about cocktail technique. As an Atlanta native, Cody lives in the heart of the city with his partner Allison and two pets, Wednesday and Josephine. When not working on beverage-related projects, you’ll likely find him at a concert or local comedy show, playing croquet in the park or nestled up with a book.