Your Opportunity to Become an Early Sponsor of CORE’s Serving Up Hope Campaign!

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CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees | April 11, 2024

In an industry known for its resilience and community spirit, CORE stands out as a symbol of hope for those facing unforeseen challenges. CORE is a national nonprofit that provides financial support to food & beverage service employees with children facing a life-altering medical crisis or natural disaster. Over the past two decades, we’ve been honored to support countless individuals and their families during their time of need, and we are inviting brands across the industry to unite with us for our Fall campaign Serving Up Hope!

Companies of all sizes can make a tangible difference in the lives of restaurant employees and their families by becoming sponsors of the Serving Up Hope Campaign! Serving Up Hope is our initiative to amplify our impact and rally the support of the food and beverage industry. Designed as a national campaign, it aims to bring together restaurants, suppliers, and patrons to serve up hope to qualifying families across the country.

At the heart of the campaign are our sponsorship packages, offering brands the opportunity to partner with CORE at various financial levels. Our Hero of Hope sponsorship, priced at $15,000, provides prominent, national recognition across campaign press, advertising, social media, and website recognition, showcasing the brand’s commitment to making a difference on a large scale. For those looking to make a smaller, yet still meaningful contribution, our Champion of Hope sponsorship, priced at $5,000, offers significant exposure and a variety of promotions throughout the campaign. For brands seeking to show their support on a lower scale, our Beacon of Hope sponsorship, priced at $2,500, provides valuable recognition and participation in campaign activities.

Each sponsorship level comes with a range of benefits, including logo placement, social media recognition, and advertising opportunities, ensuring that brands receive meaningful recognition for their support.

As we gear up for the Serving Up Hope Campaign, we invite brands of all sizes to join us in our mission to support food and beverage service employees and their families. Together, we can make a difference and serve up hope to those who need it most!

To learn more about Serving Up Hope and the Sponsorship Opportunities, please visit, or email CORE’s Director of Corporate Partnerships, Jill Chapman, directly at