Drink Different at Your 3rd Spot

Content Provided by Your 3rd Spot | March 07, 2024

This Social Spot’s Beverage Program is Changing the Way Guests Approach Dining and Entertainment


IMI Agency client, Your 3rd Spot (Y3S) has quickly made a name for itself in Atlanta’s crowded hospitality market. In just over a year, the West Midtown social dining spot has established itself as a destination for professionals enjoying an upscale small plates dining experience and more than 80 games in a technology-forward environment, all designed to spark conversations and bring guests together.

Behind the scenes, Your 3rd Spot’s beverage program has been an essential component of its success as a destination, changing the way guests approach an evening of dining and entertainment.

“Yes, we’ve got the great shareable menu and the games, and of course, the Match and Connect™ social meetup app, all geared toward helping guests make new connections,” says Founder Josh Rossmeisl. “And our drinks are just as vital to that mission. A lot of planning and work has gone into presenting a cocktail menu and experience that helps drive sales, encourage efficiencies, and create opportunities for connection.”

Josh describes some of the ways Y3S’s beverage program has helped it achieve those goals, including:

Zodiac-Themed Cocktails:

“Our drink menu features a zodiac theme, with each of the cocktails corresponding to one of the 12 astrological signs,” says Rossmeisl. “So, on top of being able to order delicious craft cocktails like the On Cloud 3 or the Westside Margarita—named one of the top three margaritas in the city by the readers of Atlanta Magazine—you also have a fun connection point and conversation starter.”

On Cloud 3 | Your 3rd Spot

Drinks for Sipping and Sharing:

“Our three shareable drinking options, named for the different elements, are always good for getting people talking,” says Rossmeisl. “Cocktail TR33, our earth option, offers a sampling of our five most popular cocktails—the Westside Margarita, Peachtree Tea, A.T.Lemon Drop, Mai Tai and Y3Sangria. It’s our most popular cocktail as it photographs beautifully, and we see it all over Instagram and Tik Tok regularly. It really backs up our mission to connect people through new experiences.”

Cocktail Tr33 | Your 3rd Spot

“TR33quila, our fire option, features half-pours of four of our best tequilas—Ocho Plata, 21 Reposado, Mijenta Reposado and Casa Noble Anejo. And our air offering, Your 3rd Cage, is very popular with couples: It’s a hibiscus-infused tequila drink with passionfruit liqueur, lime juice, cranberry juice, and soda water, and it comes in these beautiful ‘love bird’ glasses brought to your table in a birdcage. That one serves just two, but it really gets people talking.”

Your 3rd Cage | Your 3rd Spot

Cocktails on Tap:

“Our Vortex keg system allows us to keep our craft cocktails on draft, while maintaining every ounce of freshness and quality of a cocktail built to order” Rossmeisl says.

“Typically, if cocktails are batched, they naturally separate causing the integrity of the drink to be compromised. With these kegs, a small magnet on the inside is constantly spinning, mixing the ingredients, and keeping them as fresh as if they were shaken to order. This has played a huge role in our ability to deliver craft quality and personal service at the volumes that we see at Y3S. Night after night, we get so many compliments, guests saying ‘Oh my god, it tastes just like you made it right here on the spot! I would never have known!’ And that’s become another avenue for guests to sample each other’s drinks and spur conversations.”

Non-Alcoholic Offerings:

“One way the drinks program contributes to the bottom line is our growing selection of zero-proof, alcohol-free options,” Rossmeisl says. “These range from Run Wild and Athletic Lite, a pair of great non-alcoholic beers from Athletic Brewing to Hibiscus in Havana, a delicious hibiscus tea, and a collaboration with our neighbors at Scofflaw Brewing Co. on a zero-proof passion fruit seltzer. We’ve felt the growing trend in this direction and have noticed the importance to our corporate groups in particular who want to have a great time and explore new flavors without the office wide hangover the next day. We’ve been paying attention and rolling out a variety of offerings at reasonable price points make them very attractive to our guests.”

Westside Margarita + Hibiscus in Havana | Your 3rd Spot

Operational Efficiency:

“We sold close to 80,000 of our top six cocktails in 2023, all of which are on draft,” says Rossmeisl. “If we say for the sake of argument that saves us 45 seconds per drink, then in one year that’s 1000 hours—over 60,000 minutes our team members can be using to improve the guest experience and deliver on our mission.”

Match & Connect Enhancers:

“This year, we’re beyond excited to roll out our Match & Connect feature in our proprietary Your 3rd Spot app. It allows guests to build a profile of their interests and then, when they feel ready, activate the feature to search for other guests in the building with similar interests. It’s a profoundly cool way to get out of one’s comfort zone and meet new people. Of course, our beverage program is complimentary to Match & Connect as a little ‘social lubricant’ can help calm the nerves of taking that first step,” Rossmeisl says.

Please reach out to IMI Agency Senior Manager, Emerging Programs, Cody Henson at cody.henson@imiagency.com to learn more about how the Y3S leadership team has positioned their beverage program to successfully grow Your 3rd Spot’s mission of bringing people together.

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