Creative Showdown: Guy Fieri Sparks LTO Excitement at IMI Agency’s B4 Summit

By Mallory Ambrose | November 22, 2023 

IMI Agency’s recent B4 Summit witnessed an explosion of industry insights and beverage excitement as celebrity chef Guy Fieri with Santo Spirit made a surprise appearance at the Summit’s Future of the LTO/Grocery Grab Edition event a competition created by IMI’s teammates Isabel O’Cathey and Cody Henson.

Fieri, known for his vibrant personality and unapologetic love for bold flavors, brought his signature style to the Summit, turning it into a creative showdown that attendees won’t soon forget. B4 Summit, designed to examine the latest trends and innovations taking place in the beverage industry, took an unexpected turn when Fieri joined the lineup of speakers and presenters. His presence injected a dose of energy and enthusiasm that resonated throughout the venue.

The session kicked off with an educating presentation by Colleen McClellan from Datassential that shared insights into the future of industry LTO’s. Following the presentation, IMI’s Isabel O’Cathey and Cody Henson spelled out the rules of the competition as participants joined together in teams made up of beverage marketing, mixology, and operational masterminds for the first ever “Grocery Grab” challenge. Each team was tasked with creating an innovative limited time offer based on specific, unique, on-premise scenarios. Participants showed their competitive spirits as they dashed through beverage, glassware, and garnish-filled aisles as they collaborated on a final product to impress the esteemed judging panel of which included: Colleen McClellan, Datassential; Jen Robinson, The Pineapple Group LLC; and Chris Adams, Ellis Adams Group.

“The IMI B4 Summit was an incredibly valuable experience for the Santo team. Not only was the team fantastic to work with, but the creativity, thoughtfulness, and interactive nature of every session made this Summit such a great experience for our brand. This event was above and beyond others like it, and we look forward to being part of the next one.”

Guy Fieri’s presence at the B4 Summit turned an industry innovation-focused event into a creative competition that transcended expectations. The culinary maverick’s passion for bold flavors and his engaging presentation style left an indelible mark on attendees, sparking a renewed appreciation for the art of LTO’s and inspiring a new wave of creativity within the industry. The summit, now forever etched in the minds of those who attended, will be remembered as the day Guy Fieri turned a B4 Summit session into an explosive celebration of libations and creative collaboration.