Explore Bandista, the Speakeasy at Four Seasons Hotel Houston

April 06, 2023

Located within the Four Seasons Hotel Houston, Bandista is a modern-day speakeasy, that boasts an intimate Latin ambiance, where guests enjoy inventive revivals and artistic interpretations of both classic and contemporary cocktails, as well as rare spirits from around the world.

Reminiscent of a 1920s lounge, Bandista opened a year ago, with a purposefully-organic launch, with just Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights (the venue has since added Wednesday, due to demand). It quickly became a hot seat, with locals making up 75% of the business, filling Bandista’s 20 seats.

Guests of Bandista are met in the Hotel lobby by a hostess, who escorts them through the back of house – into a service elevator, through the kitchen, and up to a bookcase. After entering a code on a keypad, the bookcase is pushed open, leading the guests into Bandista’s eight bar seats and 12-seat lounge. There, they are met with a welcome cocktail, while they either review and order from the menu of inventive takes of classic cocktails, or leave it to the city’s best bartenders to create an original cocktail.

Many of the drinks are served with an element of surprise, whimsy, or spectacle, from a vintage glass, to a flame, to an accompanying bite. Seatings at Bandista are 90-minutes, ensuring an evolving room throughout the evening. Cocktails range from $26 – $103, while a spirits list features rarities such as Macallan Fine and Rare 1950. Half bottles of wine and Cristal by the glass are also available.

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