Children of Restaurant Employees, CORE, is excited to announce the return of Inspiring Hope, April 1, 2023, a national campaign dedicated to raising funds to support food and beverage operations employees with children when life does not go as planned and they face the financial burden of a health crisis or natural disaster.

CORE, a 501(c)3 provides financial grants, a gift to these employees when either the employee or their child faces a health crisis, injury, death, loss of home or place of work due to a natural disaster. An unexpected expense can be tough on 40% of Americans. The same can be true of families working in our industry.  CORE can help these families with your financial support.


CORE invites Operators to activate a fundraising promotion that works best for your business. CORE can help you with ideas and has resources to help. Ideas include a Round Up promotion, Add a Side of Hope guest donation, product promotion or Pour for CORE fundraiser.

Suppliers are also invited to help support this campaign. CORE is an industry-focused cause and a direct provider helping employees that work in food and beverage service operations across the country. CORE is a cause that you can feel good about. Imagine learning that your young child has leukemia. You miss work to meet with doctors and during treatment. With medical bills mounting, you wonder how to support your family. Or you had an accident that resulted in missed work and income. You struggle to cover your bills. Then you learn of CORE and apply for a grant. When you receive the call that you are approved and that CORE will cover your rent, utilities and out of pocket medical costs, the stress of the situation lifts, and you feel hope for the future.

Make a $10,000 donation or more to CORE to provide financial relief for at least five families and become a CORE partner. Partnership opportunities with benefits are available at levels starting at $10,000. Or become a campaign Title Sponsor and donate $100,000. CORE will list supporting companies on the website, and will also include them in social media posts and other marketing collateral.

Together, we can Inspire Hope for the future. 

For more information about the Inspiring Hope campaign, please contact Sheila Bennett at