Mar 13, 2019

From the Editor and Spotlight

mike raven

March 20th, 2019

mike ravenOur springtime cover story is with Angela Kuzma. Angela is Vice President of Global Operations, Restaurant and Bars, for Marriott International. Don’t miss reading her interview and getting to know how she manages her role in the country’s largest hotel chain.

Tony Abou-Ganim has a special “Adventures of George” story for us this issue. He visits Japan with Beam Suntory and experiences the Japanese highball.

Our magazine’s designer, Kester Chau, has written a feature story about “The Road to Prohibition.” It details what led up to Prohibition becoming law in the U.S. Most people read about the end of Prohibition but don’t really know the extenuating circumstances of its beginnings.

As usual, we have plenty of other features including a look at Eataly’s new Las Vegas store, a recap of CORE’s fourth annual Founders’ Dinner, a look at the new Fillmore NOLA, and more!

– Mike Raven
Managing Editor, in the Mix Media

Cover shot by Megan Nadolski of Marriott International


Jason Patrick Lawrence and Heather Elmes

IMI Spotlight

The Marriott Team – Jason Patrick Lawrence, Director, Beverage Account Management, Global Operations; and Heather Elmes, Beverage Account Project Manager, Global Operations.

What are your responsibilities with Marriott?
Collectively, we promote and support the success of 16 award-winning beverage programs within the world’s largest hotel company, Marriott International.

What hobbies do you enjoy?
We both enjoy staying active. You can find Heather on the soccer field at least three days a week and Jason is currently teaching his 3-year-old daughter how to snowboard. Heather is definitely the creative and artistic member of our team – painting, knitting and creating beautiful gifts for her friends, family and customers of her Etsy store, Gingermint. Jason typically flexes his entrepreneurial muscles for fun with real estate and home improvement, and loves spending the warmer months on the patio playing with his Big Green Egg.

What is your favorite adult beverage?
Although it might sound cliché, we both find the most pleasure in the company we’re with while enjoying our adult beverages. Our beverage team at Marriott International is comprised of true masters in the industry, so we’re very lucky to be exposed to remarkable products, experiences and trend-setting mixology work conducted in our BARSTUDIO. We can easily agree that the magic is seldom in the liquid but more so in the setting and company with whom you’re enjoying your beverage.

One thing you can’t live without?
Easiest question yet: family.