Mar 20, 2019

Eataly Opens 37th Concept in Las Vegas

Eataly Chefs Table
eatily in vegas

Eataly at Park MGM Las Vegas

March 20th, 2019

Eataly, recently opening its doors inside Park MGM, is a 40,000-square-foot retail and dining concept famous for its restaurants, cafes and fine Italian retail offerings, with portions of it open 24 hours to suit the Las Vegas lifestyle.

Eataly Las Vegas is their first store to open in the entertainment capital of the world. Like other Eataly locations, the Las Vegas location will offer visitors the possibility to eat, shop and learn about high-quality Italian food through restaurants for dining, counters to sit at and watch food prepared, and shopping in marketplaces. The Las Vegas store will bring its own personality to the table, making it distinctly different from any other Eataly they have ever opened.

Eataly Las Vegas

TOP LEFT: La Aperitivo. CENTER: Fresh fish on display at La Pescheria Fishmonger and Kitchen. BOTTOM LEFT: La Salumeria: Cheesemonger and Kitchen. TOP RIGHT: Pizza at Pizza alla Pala. BOTTOM RIGHT: Nutello bar.

Inside you will find “Cucina del Mercato” or “Kitchen of the Market”

This concept is unique to Las Vegas. The open counter-to-table concept is comprised of six different fresh counters where you can watch chefs, mongers, butchers, bakers and pasta makers practice their craft as they prepare your food behind the counter.

Located at the main entrance is L’Aperitivo and is the recommended first stop at Eataly Las Vegas. The bar offers a quintessential Italian cocktail experience, featuring a selection of Italy’s most iconic concoctions. From the ever-popular Venetian Aperol Spritz to the classic Negroni and all its variations, each cocktail is carefully crafted with Italy’s finest spirits and ingredients.

Other venues offered in Eataly to explore:

Italian Street Food is based on foods found in little villages across Italy and is served from “carrettinos,” Italian for “little carts.”

La Macelleria: Butcher and Kitchen; La Pasta Fresca, fresh handmade pasta paired with regional sauces.

La Pescheria: Fishmonger and Kitchen, offering fresh seafood, oysters and Italian ceviche.

La Pizzeria: Roman Handcrafted Pizza alla Pala. Bakers create the unique pizza alla pala, a favorite street food from Roma. This pizza is named after the wooden “pala,” or paddle, on which it is served.

La Salumeria: Cheesemonger and Kitchen. The most diverse Italian salumi and cheese bar and shop in Las Vegas, La Salumeria offers more than 100 types of cured meats and 200 varieties of cheese.

Then, of course, there is L’Enoteca. It features a huge selection of wines by the glass or bottle as well as craft cocktails and a nice selection of Amari. This bar showcases a library of more than 80 Italian regional wines by the bottle.

Eatily Las Vegas

TOP: Grand Caffé Milano. BOTTOM LEFT: L’Enoteca. BOTTOM RIGHT: La Bottega Del Vino.

Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table, limited to 11 seats, highlights the “learn” part of their “Eat. Shop. Learn.” philosophy. Featuring an open kitchen, this educational counter shows you how to cook like a true Italian with the guidance of their chefs. Through workshops, live demonstrations and hands-on classes, you can learn the story behind the high-quality products they use every day directly from the people who use them. You can learn how to shape gnocchi, cook regional Italian dishes, pronounce “bruschetta” like a true Italian, and taste the difference between an extra virgin olive oil from Toscana and one from Sicilia.

The Wine Shop

The Eataly Las Vegas wine shop offers one of the largest and most diverse selections of premium Italian wine, beer and liquor in Las Vegas. They carry more than 400 wine labels hailing from all 20 regions in Italy, as well as a curated selection of rare and vintage bottles.

La Bottega Del Vino

Discover new producers and try new labels at the tasting table, La Bottega del Vino. On select days every month, their experts offer complimentary tastings. Premium offerings are available in a by-the-glass format through the Enomatic® science and preservation system. Thanks to this unique Enomatic® science and preservation system, the wine shop offers a dizzying array of styles, regions, grapes and cult wines, all poured at the flick of a finger! This vino system is able to open bottles of wine, pour a glass and then reseal the bottle again, which means they are able to offer you a wider variety of tastings.

Every day, they offer up to 16 wines by the glass through their vino machines, showcasing an array of styles, regions, grapes and cult wines that you can enjoy at one of the tables on the wine patio.

chef's table at eataly

And There’s Much, Much More to Enjoy

Gran Caffé Milano, inspired by the elegant cafés of Milano, is an upscale, full-service Italian bar offering Italian cocktails, regional wine, beer, spirits and a variety of dishes such as formaggio, panini and more. The perfect place for a refreshing beverage, snack or late-night bite, Gran Caffé Milano is open overnight from 12 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily.

There is, of course, a Lavazza Italian coffee bar and even a Nutella bar!

La Pasticceria, I Cannoli di Eataly and IL Cioccolato Venchi offer a never-ending selection of pastries, sweets, delicacies and chocolate to finish your meal or enjoy with espresso.

Il Gelato Artigianale makes small batches of this frozen treat every day from scratch, using only the highest quality ingredients, including whole milk from Californian Straus Family Creamery, pistachios from Sicilia, hazelnuts from Piemonte, coffee from Lavazza and more.

Eataly Las Vegas is truly a unique experience. It may take all day, or several days to enjoy!

Assembled by Mike Raven. Portions sourced from Photos provided by Eataly at Park MGM Las Vegas.