Mar 20, 2017

What’s Trending – It’s All About Innovation

dress the drink -Sangria - white and red
dress the drink -Sangria - white and red

Photo credit – Kyle Connor

March 21st, 2017   |   By Dress the Drink

Sangria in general is a popular, social drink being offered year-round through limited time offers, seasonal and full menu placement. With strong growth occurring in the on-premise market demand, Sangria is creating its own category placement.

Served in a single pour or pitcher serving, the Sangria “punch” options are endless. Many restaurants and bars offer their Sangria either from a bottle of premade beverage or made from scratch. Either way, restaurant and bar operators are seeking other ways to market this category segment for higher sales. That is where Dress The Drink™ (DTD) comes into play! “As the premium category of this segment expands, DTD is enjoying the surge of new custom, unique and innovative garnish and blend placements that elevate the Sangria flavor offerings being created,” says Diane Svehlak, President and partner of DTD.

According to Cindy McClure, CEO and founder of DTD, the Millennials are driving the challenge of the Sangria “WOW” factor appeal, as they represent a large percentage of social wine-drinkers. “At DTD, we create all natural, gluten free, edible blends and garnishes that are custom designed around the drink recipe. We bring a whole new level of visual and flavor appeal with our not-so-traditional garnishes,” she says.

dress the drink -SANGRIA white

Photo credit – Kyle Connor

Showcasing one of DTD’s Sangria pairing placements is James Manos Beverage Consulting, representing Pampas Brazilian Grill in Las Vegas and Grasslands Churrasco Market in Anaheim. Both restaurant locations are serving a white Sangria called the Clerico com Laranga, which is garnished with DTD’s Lemongrass Stick Candied with Lemon Sugar. They also serve a red Sangria called Sangria de Jote, garnished with DTD’s Apple Cinnamon Halves Brulee’d.

James comments, “DTD innovative garnishes give my beverage creations the ‘WOW’ factor that makes good drinks great and great drinks even better. After adding DTD garnishes to these Sangria offerings I was tasked with reinvigorating, the white Sangria went from a forgotten offering to our #1 seller, and the red Sangria sales increased by 25 percent. It’s all about innovation, not just about the beverage offering anymore. The key to a successful beverage is the selection of the glassware, blend, garnish and recipe to create the complete package.”

Dress The Drink™ (DTD) is all about pairing culinary and mixology, from signature cocktail creations to the entire dining experience. We are a manufacturer of proprietary, artisanal, handcrafted, all natural, non-wasteful garnishes and blends. DTD uses color, flavors, textures, infusions and the mastering of blends that bring together the true art of culinary and mixology pairings. Contact Diane Svehlak or Cindy McClure for further information on custom DTD beverage program pairings at or;