Jun 13, 2016

In The Wake Of Tragedy: Mourning For Our Industry


#PrayForOrlandoNightclub & Bar Media Group Responds to Orlando Nightclub Massacre and Nightlife Security.

The founding fathers of this great nation socialized and discussed the establishing documents of this country over a spirit or malt beverage in a public gathering outlet like a pub, tavern, bar, or restaurant. The citizens of our great nation enjoy the pursuit of happiness and the freedom to live among others while embracing any lifestyle of their own choosing. This protection is a guarantee of the U.S. Constitution.

On early Sunday morning those freedoms were attacked. It’s with heavy hearts we extend our condolences, sorrow and support to the customers, employees, families and owners of Pulse in Orlando, Florida.

We at Nightclub & Bar Media Group represent the largest group of professionals in the hospitality industry that includes operators, employees, owners, and managers. Whether the gathering is at a pub, tavern, bar, restaurant, hotel bar, or nightclub we need to provide a safe and secure environment and venue.

During this difficult time it is imperative that our industry share changes or approaches to secure our premises for the safety of our customers and employees. Communication with local authorities and a proactive action plan in the event of any potential threat must be implemented. An action plan needs to be in place as a safety precaution. Metal detectors are important, particularly in destination cities, which are established points of tourism. Premises in smaller communities will also benefit from taking steps to secure a safe environment for our industry. All communities must be informed and prepared for the worst of scenarios like the occurrence at Pulse.

In the interest of protecting the public we so proudly serve, the owners, operators and employees of hospitality venues and our industry as a whole, Nightclub & Bar Media Group will be addressing security with comments and advice from security experts and consultants within our community. It is imperative that we discuss strengthening security and implementing action plans to identify threats and prevent attacks on hospitality venues.

For further questions, please contact Thom Greco, Chairman of the Nightclub & Bar Advisory Board, at (570) 407-2000, or Robert C. Smith of Nightclub Security Consultants at (619) 997-6144.

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