Jan 22, 2015

Wine Dogs: A Book Review



On a recent trip to Napa wine country, I came across this new wine publication with a unique twist, which is from a dog’s eye view of the vineyard. Everyone knows that California is home to some of America’s most celebrated wine estates. And wherever good wine is made, you’re likely to find a dog scouting the winery or vineyard.

Wine Dogs of California is a large-format book featuring over 120 wineries from around the state, with stunning portraits of their loyal pooches. Along the way, the mutts and purebreds are interspersed with short essays by Robert Parker, Jr., Cole Danehower, Eve Bushman, Jack Burton, Jennifer Rosen and Lori Crantford.

Find out which dog holds the pizza-eating record, discover the identity of Sonoma’s infamous lingerie thief and see Elvis, Bob Marley and Keith Richards battle it out for the title of “top dog.”

Wine Dogs of California is a photographic journal of stunning pictures and great stories, created all for the love of dogs and wines.


St. Helena, Calif.
Dog’s name: Frenchie III
French Bulldog, aged 2
Owner: Jean-Charles Boisset
Favorite toy: His Maserati
Favorite pastime: Chasing after sexy lady dogs in Frenchie Winery
Favorite food: Foie Gras, of course



Kendall Jackson Robbie NoelleKENDALL-JACKSON

Fulton, Calif.  
Dog’s name: Robbie
Labrador, aged 4
Owners: The Jackson Family
Favorite toys: Customers
Favorite pastime: Getting tummy rubs
Favorite food: Wild salmon
Pet peeve: Dogs
Obsession: Hosting guests
Known accomplices: The Kendall-Jackson staff

Fulton, Calif.  
Dog’s name: Noelle
Labrador, aged 2
Owners: The Jackson Family
Favorite toy: Squeaky toys
Favorite pastime: Taking mud baths
Favorite food: Cat food
Pet peeve: Being left alone for longer than five minutes
Obsession: Rolling in various unsavory substances
Naughtiest deed: Shredding homework and furniture
Known accomplices: Siena, Gordie and Buddy


Rutherford, Calif.
Dog’s name: Angus
Boxer, aged 6 months
Owners: Michael and Amy Scholz
Favorite pastime: Riding on the 4-wheeler
Favorite foods: Cat food and carrots
Pet peeves: Diva and Jack cat
Obsession: Corks
Naughtiest deed: Climbing onto the desk and standing on the keyboard when left alone in the office



Napa, Calif.
Dog’s name: Soonie
Bichon Frisé, aged 4
Owners: Manon and Juliette Murphy
Favorite pastime: Chasing imaginary birds
Pet peeve: Being moved while sleeping on a family member’s pillow
Obsession: Stuffed animals to fight with
Naughtiest deed: Taking advantage of distracted family members so she can steal food
Known accomplice: Her best friend, Truffle the cat


St. Helena, Calif.
Dog’s name: Gypsy
Toy poodle, aged 9
Owners: Tom and Beverly Rinaldi
Favorite toy: The bear
Favorite pastime: Sleeping
Favorite food: Turkey jerky
Pet peeve: Pandora the cat
Obsession: Waiting for Tom to come to rub her belly
Naughtiest deed: Humping the bear



Lodi, Calif.
Dog’s name: Klinker
Yorkshire Terrier, aged 9
Owner: Farrah Felten Jolley
Favorite toy: Stuffed bunny rabbit
Favorite pastime: Playing with his blue racquetball
Favorite food: Bacon
Pet peeve: Empty wine glasses
Obsession: Being the center of attention
Naughtiest deed: Licking lips
Known accomplice: Vinnie the chiweenie

Tara Bella -PresleyTARA BELLA WINERY

Santa Rosa, Calif.
Dog’s name: Presley
Basset Hound, aged 3
Owners: Wendy and Kevin Morrow
Favorite toy: Anything with a loud squeak
Favorite pastime: Singin’ the blues to piano accompaniment
Favorite food: Yours
Pet peeve: Having his ears cleaned
Naughtiest deed: Pulling the end of the toilet paper roll so paper goes throughout the entire house



Paso Robles, Calif.
Dog’s name: Tootsie
Irish Wolfhound, aged 9
Owners: Shannon and Maureen O’Neill
Favorite toy: Stuffed animals
Favorite pastimes: Entertaining tasting room visitors, eating tacos and saving lives
Favorite food: Al Pastor tacos
Pet peeve: Other dogs
Obsession: Barking at trucks



Rutherford, Calif.
Dog’s name: Posip
Border Collie, aged 7
Owner: Miljenko Grgich
Favorite toy: A ball
Favorite pastimes: Playing with bocce balls, chasing squirrels, turkeys and other birds
Pet peeve: Cats
Naughtiest deed: Jumping up to kiss people and dirtying their shirts


St Francis MyrnaSt. Francis Winery and Vineyards

Santa Rosa, Calif.
Dog’s name: Myrna
Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund, aged 4
Owners: Kim and Chuck Chenault
Favorite toy: Stuffed toy squirrel
Favorite pastime: Playing fetch with her toy squirrel
Favorite food: Primal Dog food
Pet peeve: Getting her feet wet
Obsession: Trying to catch the lizards that live in the backyard
Naughtiest deed: Digging under the backyard fence five times

WDCA Trefethen RemingtonTrefethen Family Vineyards

Napa, Calif.
Dog’s name: Remington
Golden Retriever, aged 4
Owner: Janet Trefethen
Favorite toy: Balls
Favorite food: Australian liver treats
Pet peeve: People who look at the ball but don’t throw it
Obsession: Making sure everyone in the tasting room gives her attention
Naughtiest deed: Disappearing into the hills when she was a puppy

Sue Stella CraigCraig McGill and Susan Elliott have been photographing and interviewing some of the most interesting dogs in the wine world. Wine Dogs is the definitive guide to dogs living and working in the vineyard, winery and tasting rooms of wineries around the globe.

Established in 1997, Wine Dogs is the original encyclopedia of the winemaker’s best friend – their faithful hound, the winery dog. The first Australian Wine Dogs book was published in 2003 and quickly became a best seller. There are eight volumes of Wine Dogs, including the latest Wine Dogs Australia 2, Wine Dogs USA 2 and Wine Dogs Italy editions and a host of other products such as their very popular Wine Dogs Calendars.

The winedogs.com website provides an easy and enjoyable way to review the Wine Dogs dogalogue of products. The website also features the latest Wine Dogs news, information on future editions and everyone’s favorite, The Wine Dog of the Month.

Source: winedogs.com.

Drawing to win a Wine Dog book or calendar

ITM and Wine Dogs would like to extend an invitation to all you dog lovers in the hospitality industry, to send us a picture of your dog and background representing your favorite beverage (beer, wine or spirit) preference. Your picture will be entered into a drawing for one of six Wine Dog calendars and a grand prize of a copy of the Wine Dogs of California book. We will then put up all the entries on our website, www.itmmag.com, in the first quarter of 2015. Deadline to enter will be February 28, 2015. Please submit entries to my attention at don@itmmag.com.