Jan 22, 2015

Over the past few years, the IMANAGEPROMO™ application has been the promotional engine behind some of the strongest brands in the hospitality industry. The ability to seamlessly integrate into restaurant and hotel systems has been the key driver of success, along with its simplicity and accessibility. The latest version of IMANAGEPROMO™ maintains these core elements combined with a stronger feature set and new design. It represents the best communication platform to launch food and beverage promotions across complex, multi-brand and franchise structures.

Transparency adds more competition to your promotions.

In a secure and controlled environment, sales data transparency has the ability to improve competition and drive sales. The best managers are motivated by competition, but without consistent and comparable information, there is no way to feed this desire. IMANAGEPROMO™ provides a backend to load sales data in bulk, with the ability to broadcast the data within specific organizational channels. If corporate sales data is not available, there are plugins that allow users to enter their POS data.

Leaderboards provide consistent feedback and the ability to make adjustments.

Leaderboards are as popular as they have ever been in gaming and in business. They provide a visual perspective of data, but are more impactful than mere numbers on a page. Over time, leaderboards are able to show progress, which is important to attaining sales goals. It offers managers the ability to make adjustments in their work to get a better result and increase their position on the leaderboard.

Just-in-time education improves the learning experience.

Education is most effective when it is delivered at the right time and in the right amount. Many times we provide too much information at one time and this leads to lower retention levels. Learning should be targeted and progressive in the promotional environment. The IMANAGEPROMO™ learning module releases important information at scheduled intervals throughout the promotion that allow staff members to concentrate on improving specific skills at critical times.

Activation tracking holds team members accountable.

Using the most readily available technology in the restaurant — your manager’s mobile phone — we have been able to close the gap on activation and adherence to the promotion through pictures. Mobile uploads are either approved or rejected by a corporate chef or beverage director before being posted to the gallery. This has revolutionized the way we manage compliance, in part because of simplicity of mobile cameras and the popularity of photo filters. Managers take pride in their submissions and even engage their staff. These images are also being used in a competitive manner through additional contests and incentives.

Incentives are essential to changing behaviors.

There are no rules for what an incentive must be because they are constantly changing, evolving and even regressing. The latest trends are around limited offers and creative experiences. These can take time to curate and be difficult to execute, so it’s important to have a balance of incentives for all types of accomplishments. The IMANAGEPROMO™ platform is designed to promote sales growth through incentives like education trips, gift cards and even well deserved thank-yous.

Changing behaviors is essential to continued sales growth year over year. This relates to all aspects of promotional execution, from the manager to the waitstaff, and even to corporate. IMANAGEPROMO™ facilitates a communication platform to track sales, drive competition, provide learning and determine promotional effectiveness.